Tipalo® - Time based pattern logic


Tipalo GmbH is a Swiss LLC, the name stands for Time based pattern logic.
We are an AI startup, with own hardware + software, to pioneer logic applications.

We develop new technology for machine based logic as follows:

1. An own real-time operating system as bitstream for FPGAs enables parallel execution of neural nets.

2. The complexity of our neural net-based software is the equivalent of an Artificial Nervous System.

3. An own self-learning mechanism enables an embedded system with sensors, actors and organs to:

  • Autonomous exploration of the surrounding environment
  • Knowledge accumulation via own experience

Our software enables living machines as embedded system with body and self-learning brain.

See our Tipalo AI technology description of our revolutionary and complex approach.


Tipalo is developing software technology with biological features:

PNN - Programmable Neural Nets
SPL - Self-Programming Logic
SLM - Self-Learning Mechanism
ANS - Artificial Nervous System

Tipalo AI perspectives

Tipalo AI technology is not similar with anything conventional,
meaning it neither uses ML with conventional neural nets as software, ~ soft IP
nor does it use MCU or other conventional processors as hardware, ~ hard IP
as it uses neural cells as processing engines and storage elements. ~ neural IP

Therefore, the core unit is the PNN, Programmable Neural Net,
organized in distinct neural groups, with pre- or user-defined purpose, ~ organization
hereby enabling new ties with diverse weights and signs between cells, ~ interaction
for different entities: inside a group, between groups and between PNNs. ~ connectivity

Our general-purpose AI is self-learning and unlimited scalable,
the number of ties between cells can be dynamically increased, ~ density
as well as the number of used PNNs can be raised on demand, ~ capacity
while using multiple Spidergon networks with different configurations. ~ routing

Tipalo AI products are used as digital brains in autonomous embedded systems,
connecting input and output devices with an Ethernet interface, e.g. video, servos ~ sensors and actors
linking bidirectional IO devices and subsystems, e.g. communication, MEMS ~ digital and analog
while internal and external components can be integrated, e.g. engine, power source ~ organs and limbs

Semiconductor technology

Tipalo AI technology has the potential to unify the FPGA and ASIC design,
by replacing entirely the conventional hard IP and soft IP with only neural IP,
creating hereby a new generation of bio-inspired "self-programmable logic" ICs,
while using asynchronous design and improved semiconductor manufacturing:

logic architecture with multiple PNNs, enabling new ties between neural cells, ~ self-programmable logic
FPGA routing, 80% die space and many metal layers, with 2D-Spidergon topology ~ self-configurable routing

static algorithms with interactive behavior to accumulate specific knowledge, ~ self-learning mechanism
storage with persistent embedded memory organized in knowledge areas, ~ self-associative memory

clock circuits with asynchronous design for low power, modularity and immunity, ~ adaptable resource usage
bulk CMOS with FD-SOI technology to enable applications in different landscapes. ~ difficult environments

Orders are welcome, from feasibility studies via prototype development to production