Operating system

Product description

Real-time operating system for general-purpose AI


a. hardwired, written in VHDL for FPGA, OP-L1 with Artix-7/higher + DDR3/DDR4, OP-L2 with XCVU37P + HBM2
b. massive parallel processing, for executing exclusively self-programmable dedicated Tipalo neural nets
c. self-programmable dedicated networks on chip - connecting all neural nets including the i/o neural drivers
d. real-time, enabling human-alike reaction times, e.g. max. 1ms for all simultaneously active neurons
e. made for embedded systems, requires a connectivity to sensors and actors of a corresponding body


a. applications, as brain areas/regions with multiple neural nets connected to an ANS
b. support for self-learning mechanism, which is implemented as the interaction between neural nets

c. Interfaces, for Ethernet only, as 10/100/1000 Mb, while 10/25/100 Gbit only starting with OP-L2

e. support for DDR3/DDR4, to be used for storing accumulated knowledge

d. support for HBM2, to be used for storing kernel applications, only starting with OP-L2

ANS support

a. configuration , as place + route + connect + activate all neural nets within the ANS
b. support for modes, execution pause for certain period of time, self-learning mechanism switch on/off, etc.
c. support for encrypted storage, means the entire ANS is stored internally and encrypted

d. upload/download, via Ethernet interfaces, only for development purposes
e. debugger, as debug, trace and log neural net activities via Ethernet interface, only for development purposes